Designing with Whimsy: Loving our Homes from Feb. Issue of Lake living

February, the month of Love. And no better time to focus on loving our homes! We spend so much time inside during the winter, it’s easy to get tired of starring at the same old things. Or bothered by those spaces that you have not yet been able to finish. February is a perfect time to freshen it up and give a little TLC to those needed spaces. Bringing in natural elements, that combine the indoors and outdoors can keep your home fresh and modern.

Did you know that spring décor comes out between January and February? Just like in the fashion world, home décor is always a season ahead. Brighter colors, new florals, and spring scented room sprays can cheer up your winter blues. Even if you are not in the market for new upholstery, changing up your accessories can breathe new life into your space. Also, bringing in natural wood pieces can update your space. Raw, reclaimed wood accent tables can keep things updated yet timeless. Reclaimed wood is a good way to bring in more wood with out it having to match your existing case pieces.

Adding a little greenery can instantly brighten a space, and bring the outdoors in. House plants are great corner fillers. We all have that awkward corner that you don’t know what to do with, right? Plants are wonderful at filling out that space. If you don’t have sufficient lighting, there are many companies from Ikea and Pottery Barn to higher end manufactures like NDI that make artificial trees and plants that look life like. Fiddle leaf fig and Olive trees are two of the most popular and stylish house plants. Bringing in fresh flowers during the winter are not only a big space changer, but can also do wonders for your mood! Who doesn’t feel happier when their home smells of fresh flowers? My absolute favorite place to pick up fresh flowers at a super low price is Trader Joe’s. Next time you’re there food shopping, take a look at their selection, and bring your favorite one home!

Pillows are another fabulous seasonal change. They can easily transform the look and feel of a space without breaking the bank. This spring there are going to be a lot more colors and patterns. Breaking away from the grey pallet that has dominated for the past few years, you will notice more pinks, oranges, and purples to name a few. Floral patterns are making a big come back. Mixing patterns and colors that don’t necessarily relate can look dynamite when put together. Pillows shouldn’t be so thought out. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to step outside the box!

Once you have made your necessary changes to ensuring your space makes you feel like never wanting to leave it, give it a little spray of your favorite spring room scent. I always feel truly finished when I spray my space. Take a deep breath, take it in, and enjoy your new freshened up space for the rest of the winter.


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