French Bakery Kids Room


Hi everyone!

‘I’m so excited to participate as a guest in the  One Room Challenge! Kids spaces are very near and dear to my heart. They are one of my favorite spaces to design. You can really have a fun time with pattern and color. I’m not necessarily into an obvious theme ( no race car beds here ) but I like to pick a theme, or my client choose it, and build from there. I prefer putting bits and pieces of that theme into the space in subtle ways. I want the end result to be a space the child can grow with instead of growing out of. A place they will want to show off to their friends, and who knows, maybe keep it clean ( btw that’s happened before, the kid loved the room so much she kept it clean!). And if that happens, huge score for the parents!

‘For this challenge I am designing a 7 year old girls bedroom. We have a budget of around $500 and some big style from a little person! She loves baking, French macaroons, grassy fields, and alpacas. Ummm, YES!  While you might thinking “ where do I start with that”  I am super inspired by it! I’m taking the baking and macaroon theme and running with it! And with that I’m off  🏁

I am going to use the pastel colors you usually see macaroons in as the inspiration to the foundation of this project. Choosing all soft pastel colors, and accenting it with French inspired furniture and accessories. Because of our budget, I am going to be as creative as I can. So that means lots of vingage finds, repurposing, and Homegoods stops of course.

The space:

The plan:

The bed frame is staying. New bedding will make it a statement and create more of a  focal point.

Paint: we are going to transition from pink to a soft purple. A soothing color, easy to grow with.

Kids need LOTS of storage so ‘I want to create more of it by adding shelving with basket storage Under the windows.

As for ‘The green dresser, it will be moved near the closet on a wall much better for its size.

Now that the dresser is going to be moved, I have a wide open wall to do something fun with! My plan is to have a table and chairs. Create a “french cafe” that will function as a good place for homework and being creative. Above the table, I would like to put a framed chalkboard “menu”, and bring in some fun art. Maybe some alpacas, who knows!

What we need to do within the next 6 weeks:

– paint room

-find table and chairs

-get bedding

-night stand



-window treatments

– accessorize


Here is my Inspiration Mood Board:

I like to start simple and build as I find pieces that speak to me.



Thanks for following along today and I’ll see you next week 😘




2 thoughts on “French Bakery Kids Room

  1. Kat says:

    How fun! Loving the French bakery / alpaca mashup. Kids are so great about not setting unnecessary conceptual boundaries. And who doesn’t love macarons?! I can taste them already, just looking at your moodboard!

    Happy decorating!


    • kfavale says:

      Hi Kat!
      Thank you 😊. I’m a real girly girl so I am living vicariously through this room! It’s a fun grouping of requests for this space, I’m excited to share it with the one room challenge!
      Thanks for following along 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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