French Bakery Kids Room with ORC week 2

Hello Again!

Boy, didn’t this week fly by? I am currently in High Point North Carolina for the spring furniture market. This is probably my 8th market and every time is like the first time ( don’t I sound like a sappy love story!?) I find it incredibly inspiring to see all the new products and creative minds who gather together to make it such a wonderful experience! The design world is always rapidly changing and evolving ( just like my French Bakery Kids Room! ) and it’s a beautiful thing to be apart of that. I’m sure I will draw lots of inspiration for my  One Room Challenge from this springs show!

This past week we have made lots of progress! Paint is the focus of Week 2 .  Selecting the perfect paint color can be a lot like trying on new clothes. “love this! It’s amazing” or “oh no, no, no!” and then there’s my favorite “ I thought I liked it when I tried it on, but not so much any more.”. We’ve all been there, right!? Paint can look different at all different times of the day, under different lighting. It’s also a big change, so it can take some getting used to. Over the last week, we tried out several different paint options. I want to keep it playful yet neutral enough to grow with. Sometimes that can be a challenge when a child has a strong opinion. Usually the brightest colors are what they tend to gravitate towards.  However, this little girl has been a champ and is going along with this whole process without reservation. phew!

Now I have arrived in the taupe/lavender neighbor hood of the Benjamin Moore color wheel. I have to admit, it was a pretty quick and painless drive to my destination. It also helps when your client is wonderful and trusts you whole heartedly. And that my friends is sometimes rare, especially early on. Sad truth.

Some of these samples were close, but not close enough. Ok, back in the car 🚗. 6BE1072A-F9E3-4426-929E-067B5DB93290

🛑 STOP! Pull over. I see one I like. Can you guess which one? Hint, it’s a little washed out in this picture, but loving it all the same.


If you guessed… Drum roll please!


You are correct!

‘This was hands down the winner! Now we are ready to take this bedroom from bubble gum pink to this elegant hue of purple. Very mature and works in fabulously with everything jumping around in my head.

Goodbye pink walls. You were cute while it lasted, but now onto a more sophisticated space yet still playful for one lucky little girl. I mean how could a french bakery inspired bedroom not be playful 😉? 905AAB05-F42A-4B4F-B876-9379398CE4F7

Next weeks goal is going to start selecting some furniture and fabrics and bring this theme to life! This is such a wonderful creative outlet that House Beautiful  and One Room Challenge  designed. Something I have never done and am so excited to be apart of along with some very talented people. It really helps you set and meet your goals to get to the finish line on time! And let’s be honest, we all could use a little push sometimes 😉.

See you all back here next week!


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