French Bakery Kids Room with ORC week 3

Boy we are just flying through the weeks! I can’t believe it is already week 3, of One Room Challenge ! This past week was a whirl wind with High Point Market. I saw so many amazing pieces, tons of prints and colors. In fact, the colors I saw the most of were blush and lavender, ironically the main colors in my French Bakery Kids Room. I have never really be one to be on top of trends. I like what I like and if it happens to go along with the current trends then go me!

Last week we left off with paint. The room has since been painted, and it looks amazing! I’m so excited with this color, it only makes me more motivated to finish this project up and show it off.

Doesn’t it look so good!?

It’s soft, timeless, and oh so french. Oh la la 😍

Now that we have the paint up in all its glory. It’s time to think about furniture. The current bed frame will be staying, as well as the chandelier. Aside from that, it’s a clean slate. Keeping budget in mind I hit the ground running to find the perfect pieces at my favorite antique and vintage stores.

To keep with the bakery inspired theme, Instead of a desk, I want to have a bistro table and chairs. A place that she can do her homework and also be creative with a sister or friend. It needs to be cream, carved, and delicate. And what do you know, I found it! It was one of the first pieces I came across. Really setting the tone for the other pieces. As for the chairs, they needed to be delicate, yet fun. Um hello, ice cream parlor chairs! Got em, check, check! They will be repainted, and new fabric applied. But the style and scale couldn’t be more perfect.

Bed is staying, as well as chandelier. Haven’t thought about the “T” yet. 🤔

The frame on top of the table, will be used as the frame to the chalk board “menu”. Every kid needs a space to create, and adding the chalk board in this room she can now let her thoughts and ideas run free.

Those are also just a few of the pillows that will make up the bed. The bed needs to really stand out and pull all the wishes for this space together. Check back next week for more details on the accessories 😉.

There is a small nook, so to speak, under a cute little window, that is the perfect spot for some open shelving with extra storage. I am going to be bringing in this piece from ikea, but in the larger version. Perfect for baskets, and everything and anything a little girl could possibly need to store.

As for the night stand, I came across this adorable piece on the Facebook garage sale! Don’t you love a stylish piece at a huge savings!? I mean who doesn’t? Btw, it was $50 🤗.

I am having so much fun with this One Room Challenge ! I say it a lot, but it’s so true, it’s such a wonderful and supportive creative outlet that lets people really see the process behind a space. Getting from point A to point B can sometimes be a bit of a mystery. It’s lovely to be able to talk about the process and show that it isn’t always scary! Thank you to One Room Challenge and House Beautiful for allowing us creative people to come together in a very inspiring way.

See you all next week!


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