French Bakery Kids Room with ORC week 4

Week 4!? What?! This One Room Challenge is going so fast! I can’t believe we are getting close to the end. It’s so exciting! We have the room painted, furniture, now we are focusing on window treatments. This is probably an area I really had to sit down and think about my options, think about budget, and most importantly think outside the box. Because of the size of the windows, panels ( which are always an easy, affordable and stylish option ) are not an option for this space. They would over take the windows, causing them to be over powered by all of the fabric. Roman shades would be great, but there’s the budget to think about. And let’s face reality, even ready made, stationary romans aren’t inexpensive. Plus it would be hard to find the right size. So that option went out the window. Literally.

So I let it sit for a little while, thought long and hard about where this room is going and what it’s all about. And then it came to me. An awning! Of course, why didn’t I think of it sooner? But better late than never, right? Every french bakery needs a cute awning. So I took to the internet to do a little research on interior window awning window treatments. And then I came across the perfect picture. Naturally, it’s a Joanna Gaines, fixer upper space. But it couldn’t be more perfect for this project.

For privacy, the current shades will stay. When they are not being used, they will be hidden under the awning. It’s a sweet little addition to this space. I plan on starting up at the ceiling with the awning. It will draw the eye up and give the windows the appearance they are larger than they are, just like in Joanna’s photo.

I think my inner little girl is going to be dying inside for a room like this when it’s all finished! Because, I will be completely honesty, that little girl who loves pink and purple, Ruffles, and all things pretty still is very much alive in me! Drives my husband absolutely mad. It’s ok, I love you big A 😘.

Thank you again to One Room Challenge and House Beautiful for another wonderful and productive week!

I’ll see you all back here next week 😘


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