French Bakery Kids Room with ORC week 5


Wait, did somebody say week 5!? That just can’t be! This One Room Challenge  project is flying, and oh so exciting as it comes together. We are at the tail end which means it’s time for some of my favorite things. Accessories!! It’s the jewelry that makes the outfit fabulous.  No space would be the same without it.

We all know shopping for accessories can be hit or miss, especially when you’re keeping to a budget. Unless it’s something that I HAVE to have, I don’t typically like to order accessories on line that I haven’t seen. I always make sure to hit up my favorite antique and vintage shops first,  then followed by Homegoods and target.

With this project I got extremely lucky on my very first trip to Homegoods. There I found, the bakery sign, “I love you” art,  some adorable little vases, pillows, and the CUTEST candle I ever did see!  Second trip there I found the Alpaca art. Which was a MUST for the room! This little girl, loves alpaca and it was a special request to incorporate it in the space. I truly lucked out when I found it!

Above the bistro table will be a chalk board “menu”. I wanted something different and most definitely french. And what do you know, I found the most perfect frame at one of my favorite antique stores.

I mean, come on 😍😍😍😍C16B41DF-9AD8-42ED-BEBA-29DC2307B1AF

As for the bedding, I wanted to incorporate her wish of the grassy fields in a way it would tie in with the french bakery theme. After searching stores high and low, I turned to online. And I found it!  More perfect than I could have thought. The butterflies are a subtle nod to the grassy fields, and the colors tie in perfect. Not to mention the adorable ruffle af the end. Doesn’t get better than that my friends!

156E14C6-CCDC-4F27-8FF4-D10CAEB8E9ACOnce again another super productive week with One Room Challenge and House Beautiful. I CANNOT wait for next weeks big reveal! I’ll see you there 😘.



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