Finiding the perfect spot for the Tree!



One of the best times of the year! I love to bring out all of my Christmas decorations that have either been passed down or collected over the years. Every time I open my Christmas boxes it brings back beautiful memories of Christmas’s past.

The main focus of every home celebrating Christmas is of course the tree! For me, I always struggled finding that perfect spot. I hate to have to move furniture for the tree. So over the last few years being in my home it’s been in two different spots. Neither one I loved. One spot was in the living room. It’s very festive there, you can see it through the windows, and it’s near the fire place. Sounds like a perfect spot, right? Well, not so much. I always had to move the table and lamp. Then there is the issue of where that is going. Then I had to move my chairs a little and even then the tree felt squished between them. So last year I tried it out in the family room. It was ok there. But I just loved it on the other side of the house so much more. It didn’t feel as cozy and festive in the family room.

Now this year I walked around the house, really thinking hard as to where it was going. Then I finally found a spot in between the dining room and living room. You can enjoy it so much more there and the best part is nothing had to move. Such a good feeling!


I had the pleasure of helping one of my clients with her Christmas decor this year. And we had to find homes for two trees. Since I hate moving furniture in my own home, I felt the same about hers. So we found a great spot where the tree can go and be admired by all without the dreaded rearranging of furniture.



My biggest suggestion about the holidays is to try and keep it festive yet simple. There is no reason to move all the furniture around in your home for just 1 tree that will be gone in a months time. Now that the Tree has a home, let the rest of the decorating fun being!




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