Our favorite spots to shop durning covid that will keep your home fresh and your loved ones close at heart

0C38204C-DB3B-4ED0-AF18-9806A1DCB289Home. It holds more meaning than it ever has before. It’s our safe haven, it’s where we work and our kids go to school. It’s where we are making memories by creating new forms of entertainment for ourselves and our families. It’s easy to look around and grow tired of everything that surrounds you. But this is the most important time to love your home like never before. Freely running to the store to buy something new to spruce up your home is a luxury of the past and a dream for the near future. Regardless of our current situation that doesn’t mean you still can’t make small changes that will refresh and renew. 

So lets go shopping!

I’m going to let you in on the little secret. I know some great places to shop right now.  While most businesses are currently shut down here are some of the best places to check out that normally fly under the radar. 

HOME… Shop your home! After all, it’s the best place to start for many reasons. One, it’s always open. And two, you can get some great deals! Check out the attic and basement first. There might be things you put away and long since forgotten. Bring them out to liven up your space and breathe new life into old pieces. Move decor around, change up the pillows by swapping them from one space to the other. Switch out your pictures. Select new photos to fill the frames scattered around your home with all your loved ones you’re so deeply missing right now. Or fill them with inspirational quotes to keep you positive and motivated throughout the day.




Friends and Family… Swap furniture and decor with friends and family. Everyone can go through their belongings and make a pile of items they no longer want. Get together virtually or meet up and pick from each others things. It’s a great way to have fun with your friends and change up the decor in your home. Maybe they have similar taste to you and maybe they don’t. It can bring you out of your comfort zone, try a new look, and every time you pass by it you will think of those closest to you.

The Grocery Store… One store we are all frequenting is the grocery store. When you’re there make sure to stop by the flower section and pick up some fresh flowers. Put them around your home. As they start dying, instead of throwing them out, let them dry out. Turn them into a dried flower arrangement. You will be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful they are and how much charm it will quickly add to your space. You will never want to look at a silk flower arrangements again.



We are anxiously awaiting the day we can freely go to stores and shop. And once we can we will be out there supporting the small businesses who need us. So as everything slowly starts to open keep those small shops in mind. Check there first before running to the box stores or buying online. Until then, enjoy shopping your home and getting creative.

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