“One of the best parts of each project is getting to know my clients. It’s so important to learn as much as you can about them in order to take their house to a home. To make them feel happy in their space.”                                                                                                          Kristina Favale – Owner/lead designer 


At a young age Kristina knew she was destined to be a designer. Her grandfather was a high end upholsterer. Together they designed and created child sized furniture. It was then her love of Interior Design began. She spent most of her childhood decorating every space she could get her hands on.  In 2007 she graduated from Berkeley college with a degree in Interior Design, but not before interning for private jet interiors. After a wonderful experience in commercial design, she realized how much she gravitated towards residential design.

Over the past decade Kristina has worked with many clients who’s styles vary. She has traveled to all kinds of furniture and antique shows learning as much as she can about all the fantastic resources out there in order to cater to her clients specific style. She prides herself on being able to pass down her expansive product knowledge to her clients in order to select the perfect pieces for their home. She loves combining the new and old together to create balance and character in each space she designs.

When she is not designing she enjoys spending time with her family. You can often find them having dinner at their restaurant, Favale’s Trattoria in Ramsey NJ. She is also a figure skater. It’s something she has done since childhood and continues to do. It helps keep focus and inspire new projects.