French Bakery Kids Room with ORC week 6, The Reveal!

We’ve made it! It’s week 6! Woot woot 🎉🎉. These past 6 weeks felt like the fastest 6 weeks of my life. And I’ve had a blast! I feel I should have mentioned this in week one, but better late than never, right? If you have browsed through my website, I’m sure you realize I’m not a blogger. However, I really do enjoy writing about design. I never realized that until recently, and even more so now having been apart of One Room Challenge . Most of the spaces you see on my website are of projects for my clients. It’s not about what I like and want to spend. It’s all about my clients and their wishes. They entrust in me the outcome of a space they are LIVING in! That’s no pressure, right 😅? Designing for someone other than yourself is challenging. Not everyone always sees the initial vision. However, that was not the case for this space. They were 100% trusting of the vision I had for this space. Never ever questioning me, just rolling with the plans. And the results were magical. So with out further ado, here it is!

How adorable!? I could absolutely see myself ( even at my age ) live in this room and be happy as a clam.

There was only one change we made along the way. Did you notice? We decided not to do the window treatments. It was nixed for a few reasons, budget and the scalloped siding was taking a little while to come in. Which gave me a chance to pull the room together and decided it wasn’t really needed! Would it have looked great? absolutely! But it looked beautiful without. Simple and clean. So just like that it was changed.

The wish list for this space was an adorable one. I’m not going to lie, when I first heard it there were a few requests I wasn’t quite sure how I would tie that in. The wishes were, french macaroons, baking, alpaca, grassy fields, soft furry fabric on something, bulldogs, and additional storage. Lucky for me she already had a bulldog lamp, so I checked that one off quickly. The bistro table sign chalk board menu and baking sign nailed the baking theme in the most perfect and awesome way. I reupholstered the ice cream parlor chairs ( which btw couldn’t have been more perfect for the space ) in a soft furry like fabric. IKEA’s, cubby console sign basket storage fit like a glove and will give her lots of storage. Then I have the alpaca and grassy fields. Hmm 🤔. What can I do with those that will make sense in here? I didn’t really have to think too much about the alpaca art. He found me! I wasn’t looking and just walked past him and knew he had to come home with me. Now down to the grassy fields. As I was looking for bedding, I came across the most perfect combination for this space. Ruffles, all our colors pulled together perfectly, and butterflies. Yes! Butterflies! They are in grassy fields. Please think a little out of the box with me on that one, but nevertheless it checked my box for grassy fields.

Budget has been something I have brought up along the way. However, I never said what it was. Including paint ( and excluding the bed and green dresser, which we worked with ) this space was done soup to nuts for under $900. We did go over a bit, however, there were somethings we just had to have in this space. And boy was it worth it when she saw her room for the first time! That’s the sweetest part of my job, the priceless reaction of a little girl in awe of a space she can call her own.

Thank you to One Room Challenge and House Beautiful for this wonderful opportunity to not only create a space but talk about it! It went way too fast! I truly enjoyed this experience and cannot wait to do it again. 😘😘


French Bakery Kids Room with ORC week 5


Wait, did somebody say week 5!? That just can’t be! This One Room Challenge  project is flying, and oh so exciting as it comes together. We are at the tail end which means it’s time for some of my favorite things. Accessories!! It’s the jewelry that makes the outfit fabulous.  No space would be the same without it.

We all know shopping for accessories can be hit or miss, especially when you’re keeping to a budget. Unless it’s something that I HAVE to have, I don’t typically like to order accessories on line that I haven’t seen. I always make sure to hit up my favorite antique and vintage shops first,  then followed by Homegoods and target.

With this project I got extremely lucky on my very first trip to Homegoods. There I found, the bakery sign, “I love you” art,  some adorable little vases, pillows, and the CUTEST candle I ever did see!  Second trip there I found the Alpaca art. Which was a MUST for the room! This little girl, loves alpaca and it was a special request to incorporate it in the space. I truly lucked out when I found it!

Above the bistro table will be a chalk board “menu”. I wanted something different and most definitely french. And what do you know, I found the most perfect frame at one of my favorite antique stores.

I mean, come on 😍😍😍😍C16B41DF-9AD8-42ED-BEBA-29DC2307B1AF

As for the bedding, I wanted to incorporate her wish of the grassy fields in a way it would tie in with the french bakery theme. After searching stores high and low, I turned to online. And I found it!  More perfect than I could have thought. The butterflies are a subtle nod to the grassy fields, and the colors tie in perfect. Not to mention the adorable ruffle af the end. Doesn’t get better than that my friends!

156E14C6-CCDC-4F27-8FF4-D10CAEB8E9ACOnce again another super productive week with One Room Challenge and House Beautiful. I CANNOT wait for next weeks big reveal! I’ll see you there 😘.



French Bakery Kids Room with ORC week 4

Week 4!? What?! This One Room Challenge is going so fast! I can’t believe we are getting close to the end. It’s so exciting! We have the room painted, furniture, now we are focusing on window treatments. This is probably an area I really had to sit down and think about my options, think about budget, and most importantly think outside the box. Because of the size of the windows, panels ( which are always an easy, affordable and stylish option ) are not an option for this space. They would over take the windows, causing them to be over powered by all of the fabric. Roman shades would be great, but there’s the budget to think about. And let’s face reality, even ready made, stationary romans aren’t inexpensive. Plus it would be hard to find the right size. So that option went out the window. Literally.

So I let it sit for a little while, thought long and hard about where this room is going and what it’s all about. And then it came to me. An awning! Of course, why didn’t I think of it sooner? But better late than never, right? Every french bakery needs a cute awning. So I took to the internet to do a little research on interior window awning window treatments. And then I came across the perfect picture. Naturally, it’s a Joanna Gaines, fixer upper space. But it couldn’t be more perfect for this project.

For privacy, the current shades will stay. When they are not being used, they will be hidden under the awning. It’s a sweet little addition to this space. I plan on starting up at the ceiling with the awning. It will draw the eye up and give the windows the appearance they are larger than they are, just like in Joanna’s photo.

I think my inner little girl is going to be dying inside for a room like this when it’s all finished! Because, I will be completely honesty, that little girl who loves pink and purple, Ruffles, and all things pretty still is very much alive in me! Drives my husband absolutely mad. It’s ok, I love you big A 😘.

Thank you again to One Room Challenge and House Beautiful for another wonderful and productive week!

I’ll see you all back here next week 😘


French Bakery Kids Room with ORC week 3

Boy we are just flying through the weeks! I can’t believe it is already week 3, of One Room Challenge ! This past week was a whirl wind with High Point Market. I saw so many amazing pieces, tons of prints and colors. In fact, the colors I saw the most of were blush and lavender, ironically the main colors in my French Bakery Kids Room. I have never really be one to be on top of trends. I like what I like and if it happens to go along with the current trends then go me!

Last week we left off with paint. The room has since been painted, and it looks amazing! I’m so excited with this color, it only makes me more motivated to finish this project up and show it off.

Doesn’t it look so good!?

It’s soft, timeless, and oh so french. Oh la la 😍

Now that we have the paint up in all its glory. It’s time to think about furniture. The current bed frame will be staying, as well as the chandelier. Aside from that, it’s a clean slate. Keeping budget in mind I hit the ground running to find the perfect pieces at my favorite antique and vintage stores.

To keep with the bakery inspired theme, Instead of a desk, I want to have a bistro table and chairs. A place that she can do her homework and also be creative with a sister or friend. It needs to be cream, carved, and delicate. And what do you know, I found it! It was one of the first pieces I came across. Really setting the tone for the other pieces. As for the chairs, they needed to be delicate, yet fun. Um hello, ice cream parlor chairs! Got em, check, check! They will be repainted, and new fabric applied. But the style and scale couldn’t be more perfect.

Bed is staying, as well as chandelier. Haven’t thought about the “T” yet. 🤔

The frame on top of the table, will be used as the frame to the chalk board “menu”. Every kid needs a space to create, and adding the chalk board in this room she can now let her thoughts and ideas run free.

Those are also just a few of the pillows that will make up the bed. The bed needs to really stand out and pull all the wishes for this space together. Check back next week for more details on the accessories 😉.

There is a small nook, so to speak, under a cute little window, that is the perfect spot for some open shelving with extra storage. I am going to be bringing in this piece from ikea, but in the larger version. Perfect for baskets, and everything and anything a little girl could possibly need to store.

As for the night stand, I came across this adorable piece on the Facebook garage sale! Don’t you love a stylish piece at a huge savings!? I mean who doesn’t? Btw, it was $50 🤗.

I am having so much fun with this One Room Challenge ! I say it a lot, but it’s so true, it’s such a wonderful and supportive creative outlet that lets people really see the process behind a space. Getting from point A to point B can sometimes be a bit of a mystery. It’s lovely to be able to talk about the process and show that it isn’t always scary! Thank you to One Room Challenge and House Beautiful for allowing us creative people to come together in a very inspiring way.

See you all next week!


French Bakery Kids Room with ORC week 2

Hello Again!

Boy, didn’t this week fly by? I am currently in High Point North Carolina for the spring furniture market. This is probably my 8th market and every time is like the first time ( don’t I sound like a sappy love story!?) I find it incredibly inspiring to see all the new products and creative minds who gather together to make it such a wonderful experience! The design world is always rapidly changing and evolving ( just like my French Bakery Kids Room! ) and it’s a beautiful thing to be apart of that. I’m sure I will draw lots of inspiration for my  One Room Challenge from this springs show!

This past week we have made lots of progress! Paint is the focus of Week 2 .  Selecting the perfect paint color can be a lot like trying on new clothes. “love this! It’s amazing” or “oh no, no, no!” and then there’s my favorite “ I thought I liked it when I tried it on, but not so much any more.”. We’ve all been there, right!? Paint can look different at all different times of the day, under different lighting. It’s also a big change, so it can take some getting used to. Over the last week, we tried out several different paint options. I want to keep it playful yet neutral enough to grow with. Sometimes that can be a challenge when a child has a strong opinion. Usually the brightest colors are what they tend to gravitate towards.  However, this little girl has been a champ and is going along with this whole process without reservation. phew!

Now I have arrived in the taupe/lavender neighbor hood of the Benjamin Moore color wheel. I have to admit, it was a pretty quick and painless drive to my destination. It also helps when your client is wonderful and trusts you whole heartedly. And that my friends is sometimes rare, especially early on. Sad truth.

Some of these samples were close, but not close enough. Ok, back in the car 🚗. 6BE1072A-F9E3-4426-929E-067B5DB93290

🛑 STOP! Pull over. I see one I like. Can you guess which one? Hint, it’s a little washed out in this picture, but loving it all the same.


If you guessed… Drum roll please!


You are correct!

‘This was hands down the winner! Now we are ready to take this bedroom from bubble gum pink to this elegant hue of purple. Very mature and works in fabulously with everything jumping around in my head.

Goodbye pink walls. You were cute while it lasted, but now onto a more sophisticated space yet still playful for one lucky little girl. I mean how could a french bakery inspired bedroom not be playful 😉? 905AAB05-F42A-4B4F-B876-9379398CE4F7

Next weeks goal is going to start selecting some furniture and fabrics and bring this theme to life! This is such a wonderful creative outlet that House Beautiful  and One Room Challenge  designed. Something I have never done and am so excited to be apart of along with some very talented people. It really helps you set and meet your goals to get to the finish line on time! And let’s be honest, we all could use a little push sometimes 😉.

See you all back here next week!


French Bakery Kids Room


Hi everyone!

‘I’m so excited to participate as a guest in the  One Room Challenge! Kids spaces are very near and dear to my heart. They are one of my favorite spaces to design. You can really have a fun time with pattern and color. I’m not necessarily into an obvious theme ( no race car beds here ) but I like to pick a theme, or my client choose it, and build from there. I prefer putting bits and pieces of that theme into the space in subtle ways. I want the end result to be a space the child can grow with instead of growing out of. A place they will want to show off to their friends, and who knows, maybe keep it clean ( btw that’s happened before, the kid loved the room so much she kept it clean!). And if that happens, huge score for the parents!

‘For this challenge I am designing a 7 year old girls bedroom. We have a budget of around $500 and some big style from a little person! She loves baking, French macaroons, grassy fields, and alpacas. Ummm, YES!  While you might thinking “ where do I start with that”  I am super inspired by it! I’m taking the baking and macaroon theme and running with it! And with that I’m off  🏁

I am going to use the pastel colors you usually see macaroons in as the inspiration to the foundation of this project. Choosing all soft pastel colors, and accenting it with French inspired furniture and accessories. Because of our budget, I am going to be as creative as I can. So that means lots of vingage finds, repurposing, and Homegoods stops of course.

The space:

The plan:

The bed frame is staying. New bedding will make it a statement and create more of a  focal point.

Paint: we are going to transition from pink to a soft purple. A soothing color, easy to grow with.

Kids need LOTS of storage so ‘I want to create more of it by adding shelving with basket storage Under the windows.

As for ‘The green dresser, it will be moved near the closet on a wall much better for its size.

Now that the dresser is going to be moved, I have a wide open wall to do something fun with! My plan is to have a table and chairs. Create a “french cafe” that will function as a good place for homework and being creative. Above the table, I would like to put a framed chalkboard “menu”, and bring in some fun art. Maybe some alpacas, who knows!

What we need to do within the next 6 weeks:

– paint room

-find table and chairs

-get bedding

-night stand



-window treatments

– accessorize


Here is my Inspiration Mood Board:

I like to start simple and build as I find pieces that speak to me.



Thanks for following along today and I’ll see you next week 😘